The Cephalopod Chronicles
Eight-legged adventures around the world

Some of you may ask, "what the hell is up with that stuffed octopus?" Excellent question!

The Octopus is an adventurer, an explorer, a world traveler--a true New World cephalopod. He's travelled extensively in North America and Europe, experienced the great outdoors, and visited some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. He seeks to go where no octopus has gone before, and does it without expending any energy whatsoever. Although He weighs in at a mere 4oz and is primarily composed of synthetic fibers, His achievements rival those of many sentient bipeds.

He is unique and irreplaceable, but His polyester brethren are available through Folkmanis Puppets.

Email The Octopus at for trip details, advice, and wisdom, or to contribute to the Cephalopod Chronicles by submitting your own original material, advice, wisdom, or competing Squid stories.

Octopus News

8/21/00: The Octopus gets linked. Check out The Octopus News Magazine Online.
3/1/01: The Octopus heads west! More to come!

Octopus Action

Forty-Eight on Eight: The Octopus takes the 4000'er challenge.

Octopedal Adventure: Proof of His local exploits.

Go Big or Go Home: The Octopus risks life and limb for adventure.

Into Thin Air: The Octopus expands His mountain horizons.

The Octopus In Love: Eight-legged lust on the road.

Prof. Dr. The Octopus, Ph.D: The Octopus at The Institute

The Octopus Crosses the Pond: His European vacation.

Adventure photos by Matthew Reagan and Paul Rozelle
Travel photos by Matthew Reagan, Paul Rozelle, and Yumi Oshima
Octopus by Paul and Susan Rozelle
Octopussy by Simon Karecki and Yumi Oshima

All photos (c) Matthew Reagan, or used with permission

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