Relationships with The Octopus

The Octopus does more than just conquer the world's most savage peaks. He also leaves time for interpersonal (intercephalopodal?) relationships.

While travelling on one of his many cross-country adventures, The Octopus finds what seems to be his perfect match in K.C., MO. No prairie squid is she! Here, he gives his new-found love a rose on Valentine's Day.

Of course, old habits die hard. During a dinner double-date, The Octopus (face down, right) enjoys too much K.C. beer, gets shitty, gropes restaurant patrons with many legs, and eventually passes out in his drink. Octopussy no longer returns his phone calls.

Always the traditionalist, The Octopus shares a tea ceremony with his cephalopod soulmate.

photos and polyester love interest courtesy Yumi Oshima and Simon Karecki

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