Octopedal Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

The Octopus, not content with merely summiting New England peaks, expands his domain to include the mighty Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A free trip to a conference in Boulder helped considerably. He explored Rocky Mountain National Park, the Arapaho National Forest, and Gray's and Torrey's Peaks--two 14'ers.

Here, The Octopus demonstrates his dynamic eight-legged climbing technique. Always the daredevil, he eschews protection despite the harrowing exposure. Plus, 4oz stuffed octopi have a very low terminal velocity. (Click for larger image)

The Octopus basks in the golden glow of His campfire at 10,000' in the Arapaho National Forest. Mild altitude sickness affects his sleep patterns, but this does not matter--polyester stuffing cannot get "groggy."

The Octopus selects a campsite based on proper low-impact techniques and sets up a large and luxurious tent.

The Octopus at 14,270', after conquering Gray's Peak, the highest point on the Continental Divide. The low air pressure and sparse oxygen take their toll, and the harsh ultraviolet flux adds years to his already faded countenance.

photos and physical effort by Matthew Reagan

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