The Octopus Goes Big

The Octopus believes in taking everything to the extreme, making him not only a threat to his own well-being, but to the well-being and safety of others as well. Such foolishness nearly cost him his stuffing on a recent trip to Tuckerman Ravine, Mt. Washington, NH.

The Octopus inspects the Tuckerman rescue cache. He'd like to borrow a rescue sled for a trip over The Lip, but the rangers disapprove.

Conservation of momentum puts The Octopus at a terrible disadvantage.

Paul surveys the grisly aftermath. The Octopus survived, and recovered fully after a trip through the washer.

Once the ravine, The Octopus fails to heed warnings about falling ice, and ends up in the path of whirling icy death.

Rescue by avalanche dogs was not forthcoming, since polyester has little or no distinct smell.

photos by Matthew Reagan

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