Octopedal Adventure

The Octopus storms across New England. Just try to stop him! More 4000'ers to come.

You've been warned

The Octopus knows His limits, yet exceeds them every time.

Youthful Indiscretion on Cabot
While celebrating a support team member's 48th 4000'er, The Octopus loses control. A phone call saved his life, but NH Fish and Game was not amused.

Ski Mountaineering
The Octopus perches high above the Franconia Range before descending Cannon Mtn.

First Winter Ascent
The Octopus is congratulated by his support team atop Mt. Moosilauke.

Assaulted by Fowl
The Octopus fails to heed warnings about aggressive, hungry wildlife on Mt. Isolation.

Mt. Moosilauke
The Octopus flaunts the fact that he did no work at all to get there.

Hikin' and Poachin'

Why buy a lift ticket when you can hike up? Mt. Tecumseh, Waterville Valley, NH.

Mt. Eisenhower
The Octopus is belayed by a partner in high winds.

North Twin Summit
Carrying only a cell phone and ignoring storm warnings, the Octopus finds himself forced to make an unplanned bivouac near treeline.

Zealand Mtn.
The Octopus was not impressed by the view, although the sign was cool.

Carter Dome,
with a view of the Carters. The light showcases his "good" side.

photos by Matthew Reagan and Paul Rozelle

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