Tuckerman Ravine
April 15 and May 7, 2000

Skiers: Matthew Reagan, Jessica Neu, David Neu, Paul Rozelle

This marks my fourth straight year of Tuckerman pilgrimages. No ski season is complete without a chance to drop into the Bowl.

April 15, 2000

Pinkham Notch

Checking the avalanche conditions with Jessica and David Neu.

Ascending Left Gully

The pitch ranges from 40 to 50 degrees for 800 to 900 vertical feet. A well-travelled boot ladder helps.

Top of the Gully

Skiers ascending past the remains of a recent cornice. The first few turns are always good for a thrill.

Descending Left Gully

After a steep start, the run narrows to a 40-45 degree shot between high rock walls. Excellent corn snow and minimal traffic made this [another] run to remember.

Watching the Show

After a long climb and some great turns, it was time to sit back and watch the antics of skiers on the Lip. This day's feature acts included two daredevils jumping the ice flows on the Headwall, and two kids on inner tubes getting massive air off old slough debris.

Base of the Bowl

We set up our base camp at the foot of the Chute, well away from the risk of falling ice (and falling bodies) on the right side of the bowl.

A member of the Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol shows us how it's done.

Top of the Climb

From the top of Left Gully, views open up across the Alpine Garden and toward the summit of Mt. Washington. Warm weather and rapidly melting snow made skiing between the summit snowfields and the ravine impossible.

Jessica rips through the crux of the run.

May 7, 2000

Another fine day?

Fog and drizzle clear by noon, giving us a four-hour window of opportunity.

Green Plaid at work

Mark Renson, of SKIVT-L list fame, takes the first of several runs in the sweet corn of Left Gully.

Melting fast...

Crevasses and undermined snow keep The Lip off limits to all but the most daring and foolish skiers.

Beware! Falling Ice!

Paul surveys the remains of recent icefall in the Bowl without actually putting himself at risk. The Octopus was not as lucky.

One plank or two?

A boarder shows how it's done as he exits the bottleneck of the Chute. The real highlight, though, were three boarders who left perfect figure-eights cross the Sluice. That they did it naked made it an even more impressive feat.

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