Pi Search History


  • 2013-09-13 Bug fix: Thanks to Peter M. Steven for bug report and identifying the broken javascript. The local search results now return the right surrounding digits. Whoops!
  • 2013-05-19 Huge overhaul: The pi searcher is now interactive. It searches as you type. There may be some bugs - let us know.
  • 11/7/2011 - The Pi Searcher is trying to join the modern world. Follow us on Google Plus for every-few-weekly updates and bits of fun math trivia.
  • 03/20/2011 - Now that the Pi Day 2011 rush is over, we've updated the style of the Pi searcher slightly. Nothing big, but you may have noticed the new navigation bar, etc. Hopefully they'll make the site easier to navigate, and make it easy to add more cool stuff in the future.
  • 03/10/2011 - Fixed several bugs in the Pi search code that, on a few queries, caused an incorrect 'not found' error. You won't notice it from the search interface, but the pi search code has been substantially rewritten, and now uses Google's C++ testing framework to guard against new bugs.
  • 07/28/2010 - The pi searcher hardware has been upgraded to a new, energy-efficient "wimpy node" (our term for a low-power but not too fast server). The new server uses an Intel Atom D510 processor and has 2GB of memory. Fortunately, this is about 4x faster than the old server, so Pi searches should be that much more zippy -- and the entire server now uses only 25W, substantially reducing the energy footprint of the Pi Searcher.
  • 01/01/2010 - It's not Pi day, but 01/01/10 has a nice numerical ring to it anyway. Fixed a few long-standing Pi searcher bugs if you searched off the end of our 200M digits. Happy 2010, everybody!
  • 03/14/2006 - Happy tenth birthday to the Pi Searcher, and happy pi day 2006 to everybody! This year's pi day updates: 1) New, zippy fast index-based searching; 2) The Pi searcher pages are now fully XHTML and CSS-happy, with a new look; 3) We've added a page describing how the Pi searcher works. Also, a very grateful pi-thanks to our new ISP, Xmission, who're a very cool group of folk to work with.
  • 03/14/2005 - Happy pi day 2005. We're now up to 200 million digits. and running on a newer, faster server. Happy pi searching!
    New: the top Pi searches from 1999-2005.
  • 01/15/2004 - fixed a silly off by one error in the pi displayer. Displays are now 1-based, just like searches.
  • 08/25/2001 - You can now display any substring in Pi with the Pi Searcher. Thanks to the people who suggested this!
  • 03/14/2001 (Pi Day 2001) - The pi searcher now provides 100 million digits, made possible by the new box and the compressed searching.
  • 03/13/2001 - The Pi Searcher just got a bit faster. You probably won't notice the difference, but it's about 4x faster now that it's the only computationally intensive thing running on this machine.
  • 10/15/1999 - Compressed the digits two per byte, and wrote a custom search routine. The pi searcher is now nearly as fast as a linear search can be, and uses less space than before.