Charles River Bridge Distances, Map, and Running Time Calculator, Boston MA

This page lets you calculate times and distances for running between the bridges on the Charles River in Cambridge/Boston, MA, or calculate your pace, given a set of bridges and times. (Or click to scroll directly down to a map) The calculator was created by Hector Briceño, and is Copyright 2001 (please do not copy it).


Get Cambridge weather from Weather Underground. If you just finished a run, you can get the hourly history including humidity and wind speed (scroll down in the page to see the tabular data).

Time/Speed Calculator

Bridge 1 Bridge 2 hours min10 min1 sec10 sec1
Time (h:mm:ss) 
Distance (miles):   
Speed in minute/miles (0:mm:ss, m:ss, or 8.5):

Instructions: Set the distance (either by writing it in, or selecting two bridges). This is the LOOP distance to run up one side, across and down the other side.

  1. You can compute your speed by either entering the time directly or selecting the appropriate dials for the time.  The speed will be computed.  You can force it to compute by pressing the calculate speed button
  2. You can compute the time it takes you to do a given distance by typing in the speed (in many formats say for eight and a half minute miles, you can either type 0:08:30 or 8:30 or 8.5) and either pressing tab or calculate time button.


Bridge Distances

Bridge Science Museum Longfellow Br Harvard Br BU Bridge River St Western Ave Weeks Footbridge Larz Anderson Eliot Br Arsenal St N Beacon St Watertown Sq.
Watertown Sq 17.08 16.13 14.07 12.32 10.15 9.75 9.18 8.63 7.14 4.62 3.04
N. Beacon St 14.16 13.21 11.15 9.39 7.22 6.83 6.26 5.71 4.22 1.7 3.04
Arsenal St 12.66 11.71 9.65 7.89 5.72 5.33 4.76 4.21 2.72 1.7 4.62
Eliot Br 10.18 9.23 7.17 5.41 3.24 2.85 2.28 1.73 2.72 4.22 7.14
Larz Anders 8.63 7.68 5.62 3.86 1.69 1.3 0.73 1.73 4.21 5.71 8.63
Foot bridge 8.12 7.17 5.11 3.35 1.18 0.79 0.73 2.28 4.76 6.26 9.18
Western Ave 7.47 6.52 4.46 2.7 0.53 0.79 1.3 2.85 5.33 6.83 9.75
River St 7.08 6.13 4.07 2.31 0.53 1.18 1.69 3.24 5.72 7.22 10.15
BU. Br 5.73 4.78 2.72 2.31 2.7 3.35 3.86 5.41 7.89 9.39 12.32
Harvard Br 3.77 2.82 2.72 4.07 4.46 5.11 5.62 7.17 9.65 11.15 14.07
Longfellow Br 1.83 2.82 4.78 6.13 6.52 7.17 7.68 9.23 11.71 13.21 16.13
Science Museum 1.83 3.77 5.73 7.08 7.47 8.12 8.63 10.18 12.66 14.16 17.08

Map of the Charles River Running Routes

Thanks to Marathon Sports for the map.

Map of the Charles River Running Routes and Distances

Other recommended runs in Cambridge/Boston

My personal favorites run along the Emerald Necklace, including Olmstead Park, Jamaica Pond, and - if you're up for a long run - the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park. Some of the best urban green space running in Boston, and you don't have to drive or take the T to get to it!

From MIT: The most direct way is to run down either Vassar St., or, if you're nearer to Central Square, down Brookline St. Cross the BU bridge, follow the road left, and then take a right on Park Drive. This will take you to the fenway T stop, and to your right, you'll find the emerald necklace. Follow follow follow. If you want to continue past Jamaica Pond (best for 14-20 mile runs), get to the south side of Jamaica Pond and continue along the Arborway. From there, you can easily cut in to the Arboretum, or you can follow the Arborway all the way to Franklin Park. I don't recommend making a circle of this route through Roxbury. Been there, done that, the parks are much more fun running.

From downtown: The route-finding is a little more tricky, but very doable. From the Common, run west along Commonwealth Ave to Massachusetts Avenue. Head South on Mass Ave until Boylston St. Hang a left onto the dirt paths that go through the Fenway. Follow these paths as they continue south and west through the back bay fens, and then take a turn to the northwest to become the emerald necklace. You'll join with the above route after you cross Brookline Ave near the Fenway T stop.

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