Telebration 2004:Virginia Lakes, CA
May 1-2, 2004

Skiers: The TeleTipsters

What a weekend! The weather was perfect, the snow was consolidated, the company was interesting, and the beer was plentiful (so the company was interesting). Weeks of planning came together smoothly to create a true California skiing experience.

Sunrise at Virginia Lakes

Not a bad place to wake up after a six hour drive and a fitful high-altitude sleep. Care for a cup of coffee?

Lundy Canyon and Mt. Conness

From the top of the ridge, the view includes Mono Lake, Dunderberg, and the eastern mountains of Yosemite. Look closely to see East Bowl, GPS, Flinty's and other classics

Second Lap

After a run down to the base of the upper bowl, the crew hikes back up for a second run as the sun cooks the northwestern aspects

More Perfect Corn

Another teletipster gets it done


After a late night around the campfire, we weren't in a big hurry Sunday morning. The hard corps drove south to ski at Tioga, while the remaining crowd went back for more. Here, Mitch leads us back up the ridge for a second day of turns

Black Mtn.

The more ambitious group heads to the summit of Black Mtn. for steeper lines. The rest of us dropped the northwest face once again, and finished with another traverse to the Black Mtn. chute.

Black Mtn. Bowl

The Teletipsters climb to the ridge above the upper bowl, after an early-but-not-too-early start from our campsites at 9500'.

photo by Pete MacRostie
That's Good Corn

Jill, Jen, and I are clearly enjoying this.

No Need To Share

While others head back to their first destination, I scoped out a field of firm, smooth, untracked snow. Then I tracked it up.

Home Run

We traversed west from the bottom of the bowl and found an aesthetic chute that returned to the lake.


Responsible Soleil uses eye protection.


Thanks to the needs of fishermen, we had access. Thanks, everyone, for an incredible weekend!

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