A Plain Old Photo Album

I need to take more pictures of people. Not mountains, not snow, not skiers, but friends and family.

One of the Legendary House Dinners

Way too much food and drink at 271 Willow Ave, with (L-R) Roger "Woja" Kermode, Simon Karecki, Matthew Dyer, Phil Soo, Me, and Paul Huibers. Spring 1998.

Get the Giacomo's Sauce

We like our food, don't we? At Giacomo's on Hanover St. in Boston, with Simon Karecki, Mom, Dad, Me, Susan and Paul Rozelle. September 2000.

Dr. Reagan

The Reagan Family after the MIT PhD hooding ceremony. June, 2001.

That's a big tree

The Reagans inspect the Grizzly Giant, one of the oldest living sequoias. It's 2,700 years old and nearly 30 feet in diameter. Sept.11, 2001.

The Reagans on Mt. Washington

Mom and Dad pose in front of Mt. Adams on the Mt. Washington Auto Rd. October, 1999.

Vermont's Finest

Enjoying all-natural, locally-grown organic ingredients at American Flatbread in Warren, VT. The oven behind us was nice and toasty, too. January, 2001.

More Italian

The Reagans, Kim, little Josh, and Mark Schuchman, and me. L'Osteria on Salem St. specializes in veal. June, 2001.

30 Candles

Almost required a fire extinguiser. November, 2001.

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