Round Top, Carson Pass, CA
May 5, 2002

Skiers: Matthew Reagan, Nate Roth

The Sierra spring starts at Carson Pass after Kirkwood closes. The all-season route 88 takes one directly to 8,600' and the slopes of Round Top, Elephant's Back, Red Lake Peak, and Stevens Peak. Get there early in the season before it all melts...

Carson Pass

Hiking just above the Carson Pass Sno-Park with Round Top and the Sisters ahead.

Nate photographing the summit.

Slushy, Sloughy Steeps

An assortment of narrow and steep gullies pour off the summit. Old rollerballs and pinwheels indicate that late-day snow might be somewhat dangerous.

Dust on Crust

I scrape to a halt after making a minimal dent in northwest facing crust. The tracks are from the previous day.

Nate turns 'em down a short, steep drop-off.


Perfect turns on a perfect low-angle cornfield.

North Snowfields

From the shore of frozen Winnemucca Lake.

Skin Track

Taking the direct route, with Elephant's Back in the background.

The Sisters

Two TelemarkTips lurkers skin up to the high point in the Round Top-Sisters saddle.

photo by Nate Roth

Here I am cruising low-angle slush and corn.

Wet Snow Stability?

A few tele-jump turns line my tracks (right) with pinwheels from the rapidly cooking snow surface. Diagnosis: time to head home.

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