Ski It If You Can

At Mad River Glen Skiers' Cooperative. Or, at least give it a shot...


You've been warned! January, 2001.

All-natural Vermont Product

Where else would you be able to ski something this cool? January, 2001.

April Fool's Powder

Exactly 10am, April 1, 2000. The weather gods smile upon Shareholder's Day.

Classic Vermont Gnarl

Jump the frozen waterfall, land in the bumps, avoid the tree, find the powder. March, 2000.

The Single Chair

All by myself, March, 1999.

Soft Landing

Paul eats pow at the bottom of the Chimney. January, 2001.

Ski it if you can

Paul hucks the Paradise waterfall and sticks the landing. January, 2001.

Park It If You Can

An MRG skier finds the quickest way from home to powder. Note the sticker on the tail. April 1, 2000.

A View of Paradise

Trees, bumps, and powder heaven. March, 2000.

Can I Ski It?

Extending into the trough (badly) in Grand Canyon. March, 1999.

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