Exploring the Bay Area

A lot of this region is sprawlburbia, but layered underneath the strip-mall macadam lies an area of considerable natural beauty ringed by plenty of open space. I'd probably enjoy it more if it really was just open space, but since folks insist on a nonsustainable lifestyle I'll have to accept it as it is.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Between Half Moon Bay and Ano Nuevo, this magnificent structure now hosts an affordable hostel for overnight guests.

We are not in San Francisco

However, as you leave the City, you can stop at Treasure Island (the island that forms the midpoint of the Bay Bridge) and have a beautiful view back toward downtown and the Embarcadero.

Fourth of July

Fireworks at Aquatic Park on the San Francisco waterfront..

California Comfort

Only $0.25 for basic necessities. Here's one way California is way ahead of the rest of the US.

The Diablo Hills

Looking down on the Morgan Territory toward the Altamont pass from a viewpoint high on Mt. Diablo (3849').

The San Antonio Valley

South of Livermore, a vast area of rugged mountains and deep valleys spreads out east of San Jose. There's not much out here except for a few ranches and a single, one-to-two-lane road.

The Cold, Grey Pacific Ocean

From a secluded beach just south of Pigeon Point, near Pescadero, CA.


The coast south of San Francisco isn't covered with resorts and strip malls. Rather, it's agricultural land. Route 1 north of Santa Cruz.

Muir Woods

Just a few miles north of San Francisco one can find majestic old-growth redwoods at the base of Mt. Tamalpais.

Sunset over the Bay

With Marin and Mt. Tamalpais in the distance.

Altamont Pass

The eastern edge of the Livermore Valley is decorated with the dozens of windmills along Altamont Pass. They smack a bird or two, but otherwise use the frequent Bay-to-Valley winds to help solve the power crisis.

San Ramon Valley

Rolling hills at the base of Mt. Diablo anchor some of the most expensive houses in the region.

James Lick Observatory

Sitting over 4,200' above the Bay, the Lick Observatory commands a fine view of the sky far above the Bay Area smog.

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