Ellery Bowl, Tioga Pass 2002, CA
May 27, 2002

Our expedition on Shasta was cut short by a day due to constantly threatening weather. But Tioga has the goods, the sun, and an open road that gets you there for a day trip with time to spare.

photos by Matthew Reagan and Paul Rozelle

Ellery Bowl

Somewhat thin at the bottom, but along the Sierra Crest "thin" is relative. As we tracked out the corn in the lower half of the bowl (over four perfect runs), a gasping and coughing skier slowly booted up the right side and into the upper reaches of the bowl. We waited around for his descent, but threatening weather sent us home before he went big. I hope the guy was OK.

Low Tele

Nothing like a deep, fast carve on perfect corn. I need to wear more colorful clothing, though, if people are going to photograph me.

Fishing Season

Boaters fish in Ellery Lake during the corn harvest.

Earning Turns

High speed nondetachable quads at work.


The hot sun bakes tiny suncups to perfection.

The Alternative to Randonee

When equipment and logistical failures put Paul in a bad situation, creativity is required to get another sliding day. Is this covered under the shovel warranty?

Skiing Lower Ellery Bowl

I won't be in Unparalleled III, but I can link 'em down the hill these days.

Heading Home

Weather threatens, but when you never lose sight of your car it's an easy up-and-over trip home.

A Gourmet Oasis

In the remote and somewhat bleak town of Lee Vining, the Tioga Gas Mart serves up gourmet food and trapeze performances. Really.

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