Home in Boston

Home for a while, at least, before responsibilities drove me west to California.

The Muddy Charles

The river reflects the sun and the Back Bay skyline as seen from the MIT boathouse.

Boston Light

The lighthouse on Little Brewster Island marks the entrance to Boston Harbor. The Coast Guard can take you from Fan Pier out to the Island on a limited schedule of trips.

A Double Rainbow on the Esplanade

A rainbow marks the end of a pre-Pops thunderstorm. Sleet in July?

The Boston Pops

The summer outdoor concert series.

Corn Dog?

Cornwall's pub pet.

A pint has 20oz.

Yoshi explains how that little bill purchases all that beer.

Fireworks over the Charles

A July 4th tradition.

Sunset over the Charles

The view west from the Hatch Shell. MIT can be seen across the river.

Where Everybody Knew My Name

The New Cornwall's, Kenmore Square, Boston. The Old Cornwall's was the site of many a fine Tuesday night. I have the completed passport to prove it.

The Old Cornwall's

...on closing night.

Good Night!

Brian Chen, me, Paul Huibers, Yoshi Uchida, owner Pam Beale, barmaster "Geo", and Simon Karecki prepare to close out our local.

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