California Summer

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The summer of 98 was probably my most interesting summer to date, with two cross country trips and a 10 week stay in Roseville, CA at Hewlett Packard. I traveled every weekend and saw as much of the area as possible, trying to decide if the California Bug was something that could bite me too. I still have not decided, but I do have some photos to show off. And yes, I still do suck at black and white much more than I do on color. But I figure unless I put these pictures somewhere, I'll lose them during a move and then I will not have anything to laugh at in the future #:)


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What is the best way into Yosemite? Hike in from the east, or at least drive in. The east entrance to the park offers incredibly spectacular views as the Tioga Road winds its way up to Tioga pass at over 10,000 feet. After witnessing a beautiful sunrise near Mono Lake, I drove to the Tuololome Meadows...and proceeded to see as much of the park as I could



Tenaya Lake lies right by the Tioga road, and every other car seems to take a stop along here to take pictures or just admire the scenery. The crystal clear water of the lake makes the rocks near the shore easily visible to the camera, and an quite inviting to any bare-footed rock hoppers. And it's COLD!


The rock wall of El Cap literally fills the windshield as the car pops out the trees. The first meadow is full of people with all kinds of recording devices, ranging from digital video to digital audio... Climbers who obviously spent most of the summer in the park walk by, ignoring the crowds.

The cables on Half Dome pose a unique challenge to the skin on one's hands. So the bottom of the climb serves a repository for work gloves. And unless you rowed crew for a few years before this moment, you better make use of the gloves.

E to the u, du dx, e to the x, dx, cos, sec, tan, sin, 3.14159... On top of half dome I ran into a couple people that looked semi-familiar, and turned out to be from MIT. And my year, too. I followed them for a short way down, and then took off again to beat darkness.

2000 ft perspective. No wind, PLEASE!

Half dome from Glacier Point.



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Pt. Reyes

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San Francisco

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Big Trees

trees, trees, more trees.

Ok, so I need to add a lot more pictures, but for now I am going to sleep.

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