[Picture] Castleton Tower in full daylight
[Picture] Dave rapelling the last pitch
[Picture] Dave leading the last pitch
[Picture] Looking up at the second pitch
[Picture] Dave happy to have survived the crux
[Picture] Looking down from the crux
[Picture] A shaky placement
[Picture] Out from the human-eating crack
[Picture] Chad leading the crux
[Picture] Chad starting up
[Picture] Dave looking out at the valley
[Picture] Chad beginning to lead pitch 1
[Picture] The crux bolt
[Picture] The shadow of Castleton Tower
[Picture] Castleton Tower in the morning
[Picture] Castle Valley rim lit by morning light
[Picture] Castleton Tower in the morning - slightly later
[Picture] Chad presents the Rectory
[Picture] Dave in front of the Rectory
[Picture] Chad on top with Castle Valley
[Picture] View from the top
[Picture] The Rectory from the top
[Picture] Dave finds the summit register
[Picture] Dave leading the top of the last pitch