Miniature 2-Dimensional Manipulator
MIT Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation Laboratory

Complete design of a 2 DOF miniature robot/manipulandum for use in rat and frog motor function experiments. Supervisors: Prof. Neville Hogan, Dr. Michel Lemay.

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Design Specifications:
      • Linkage: 

      • SCARA-type with 2 degrees of freedom 
      • Actuation:

      • Kollmorgen 1210-series brushless motors. 
      • Sensors:

      • ATI 6-axis force sensor 

Experience acquired in:

      • Conceptual design 
      • Design embodiment 
      • Pro/Engineer drafting 
      • CNC machining 
      • Project management 
      • Design optimization 
      • Control systems
Project Summary 

The manipulator designed in this project is intended to be used as a haptic interface for biomedical experiments focusing on limb dynamics. Its future uses will range from field mapping to quantifying effects of new pharmaceuticals. I started with the project at its inception in the summer of 1996, and have designed and manufactured all custom mechanical components. I was also involved in all other phases of the prototype development, including the control system layout and limited programming. I completed the building of the newest prototype in the late summer of 1997. That particular model is currently involved in heavy experimental work at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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