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My web pages are too stuffy. It seems like I keep alternating them between the extremely offbeat and the entirely-too-mainstream, and this week, it knocked me on the head that I'd hit the far right of the swing, if you will. So, I'm bringing back babble (those of you who recall 'Terrarium Whimsy' and other features of 'The Terrarium' will probably notice the similarities).

Tue Feb 17, 1998

Being sick is the absolute pits, but it gives one great opportunties to catch up on all of the things you really didn't even care about when you were healthy. I'm happy (?) to say that I completed a network monitoring system that I've been working on for the last year (on and off, mostly off), now have an incredibly clean and reorganized room, and have washed every piece of clothing, every towel and dishcloth, and every floor rug that I own.

Somehow, the benefits of being sick don't really seem to outweigh the "Eww, I feel like hell" parts of it, though. So, the debate rages on: Do I give in and call my doctor? We'll find out soon.

Sun, Feb 1, 1998

I went for a hike yesterday up Neff's Canyon. It was absolutely stunning. It snowed (rain in the valley) here a few days ago, but not enough to render the canyon impassable to the determined fool, so I went about an hour up the canyon. By the time I reached a point where I couldn't continue because the snow was up to my knees, I'd hit a part of the canyon which was absolutely silent. I could see a sliver of the city from where I was, but the other 355° of my view were taken up by mountains, trees, and snow - lots of snow. It was incredibly beautiful; there were a number of evergreens with their boughs half-covered in snow where I stood, and a snow-free rock face on the other side of the canyon which provided a perfect bit of contrast. Neff's is a very peaceful canyon. I almost want to share it with other people, but I don't want to pollute it - or perhaps my memories of it - with the seemingly inevitable grumblings which occur between people.

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